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Disinfection with Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

Toenail Fungus Case Study

Fly Control for Horses

Lab Test Accuracy

Risk, Rabbits and Raisins

DDT "Ban" and Malaria Deaths

Challenges in Finding Safe Building Materials for the Chemically Injured

Corn Gluten Herbicide

Weed Control Ideas

Ick! Lice!

Peanut Allergy

Bona Fide Organics

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What are Tau Topics?

A bit of this... a bit of that... tidbits of useful information... anything and everything that has caught our interest over the years.

You'll find articles on topics ranging from safe non-toxic disinfection techniques using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, to the statistics methodology that helps us determine the accuracy of modern medical tests--and even a way, using rabbits and raisins, that helps explain how rare an event really is if it occurs only one in a hundred times.

We also have a resource paper for the chemically injured on the difficulties of finding building materials, a case study on curing toenail fungus, and a detailed resouce on the risks of synthetic pesticides used in fly control for horses that also includes an up-to-date listing of less-toxic methods of fly control.

We even have several resources for organic gardeners, including our "Bona Fide Organics" compilation of all the mail-order sources we've been able to find that carry organic plants and organic seeds.

This site grew out of a request almost a decade ago to make a handful of Judy's printed articles available on the web. Since then it's grown steadily, attracting millions of visitors from over 140 different countries.

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